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Sheppard House Health and Social Care

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Sheppard House, also known as Newent Association for the Disabled, is a day centre where people of all ages can come to take part in a wide range of activities, avail themselves of the therapeutic facilities on offer, and be well looked after, fed and cared for from 10am to 3.30pm up to four days per week.

Situated at the top of Gloucester Road, and off Onslow Road, the building offers a safe environment, purpose built for people of restricted mobility.

In addition to ‘Sheppard House’ itself, we also run The Community Transport Service and Dial A Ride with a Charity Shop situated in Newent Town Centre.

We are a Charity, offering a service to clients at a competitive and reasonable price, and this is only achieved by voluntary contributions, profits from the Charity Shop, and by the volunteers themselves who give so much time and effort in so many ways. Without their efforts, Sheppard House would be unable to function.

If you would like to join us for a taster session, and come and see for yourself what we can offer you, please call 01531 821227.

Newent Association for the Disabled

Newent Association for the Disabled is the umbrella organisation for Sheppard House, Community Transport Service, Bathing and Therapeutic Services and our Charity Shop and was founded in 1981 by Trudie Sheppard MBE, herself disabled.

With family and friends Trudie Sheppard began fund-raising, and with local support, donations and assistance from Charitable Trusts, specially adapted vehicles were purchased. Our fleet now has twelve vehicles in operation. From a small disabled club held in the local Community Centre in Newent the need grew and Trudie’s second project was to raise funds to build a purpose built Centre – Sheppard House which was completed in 1994.

In 2007 an extension was added which has two bathing suites and a therapy room, and recently a reminiscence area has been added. In the County of Gloucestershire more than a third of all residents are aged over 50 (217,500). More than half of these people (122,800; 57%) have passed the State Retirement age. 50,000 residents are aged 75 or over, with 15,000 of these aged 85 or over.

Many Older People are looking after themselves and around one-in-six of Gloucestershire’s Older People are providing informal care to a partner, relative, friend or neighbour. Because of the ageing of Gloucestershire’s population an 8.8%, (76,400), increase in population will lead to much higher levels of demand for key services by 2033.

The projected increase in dementia in the over 65s is some 70% by 2030 and as life expectancy increases so does the increase in long term health conditions. By planning and implementing the support for these older people we can work towards keeping our senior society as independent as possible.

Sheppard House can help deliver the quality of life that some of our senior society want through our transport and service provision.


Newent Association for the Disabled’s mission is to:

  • Offer older people and people with disabilities a range of services to help improve their quality of life
  • Pioneer innovative and creative responses to meeting the needs of older people and people with disabilities.
  • Offer high quality services which meet the specific needs of older people and people with disabilities


We will work towards:

  • The provision of high quality direct services to older and disabled people in the North Forest Area
  • Providing a gold class community transport service through our fleet of mini buses and volunteer car drivers
  • Responding to the needs of older people from the different communities in the catchment area
  • Creating an effective and efficient organisation with sufficient income to sustain and develop our essential services that all stakeholders are committed to.


Service Standards – We will ensure as far as is practicable that we offer a consistently high quality service which meets Day Care Standards (developed at Sheppard House) for delivery, planning, process, person centred services and client involvement.

In the 20+ years we have been in existence we have welcomed clients from all ages, with all types of disability, and some who have no disability at all but who come to take advantage of the wide range of activities and opportunities for social interaction we offer!!

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