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Group of Seniors

Summer Trip No 5

Friday September 1st

Walking in the tree tops at Westonbirt

Well as the heading says this was trip no 5 of our Summer Season. As we turn to September the weather was truly beautiful and was certainly shining on the righteous.

It was the furthest trip we have done this Summer and also the largest group. We totalled 34 with all the carers, the scenery on the way from the forest and Gloucester was beautiful and clear and you could see for miles.

The fields were full of cut and baled wheat which reminds us that we are near to the harvest season.

As we arrived everyone had a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a loo stop before we started off.

We had a gentle slope to push up as we got onto the new walkway. As it was the end of the school holidays parents had taken advantage of the good weather to let the children run wild! Also there must have been nearly every dog in the county being walked!

There were lots of information points on the walkway, as you got to the highest point there was a wobbly wooden bridge to the left, we were advised to not go over this with the wheelchairs, some of the staff were brave enough to have a go! At the next station on the walkway there was the opportunity to climb up higher to look down. Beth was the only brave one to have a go.

At the end of the Walkway you were in Silk Wood, there was a large green space and was mowed to perfection, and then you walked through the trees, there was Spanish spruce and acers and maple trees, in amongst the trees there were wood carvings, the one of the dogs was fantastic and had been done at the wood carving festival that happens each year.

Within the next month the trees will have turned colours for the autumn, which Westonbirt is famous for.

A picnic lunch was enjoyed with gusto and cups of tea in the restaurant and then it was time to board the bus to go home.

Everyone had enjoyed the day, with grateful thanks to all of the carers for pushing and the drivers and the picnic makers.

We have had great weather for all of our trips this summer which has made it possible to be out doors and plenty of fresh air.