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Group of Seniors

Weston Super Mare

On Friday 2nd June 2 large coaches arrived at Sheppard House, one equipped with a lift ,as it was the day that the clients had their annual trip to Weston Super Mare.!

Although the weather was not hot it was warm. The rain largely kept off and the tide was at its height!. The Donkeys were out on the beach and children were playing and paddling as it was the week of half term!

The clients enjoyed their trip along the esplanade and were able to choose what and where to eat.

Some went on the pier whilst others preferred to go shopping-an occupation that some find difficult at home. It was amazing how many ate fish and chips for lunch and how many re appeared at home time with large bags of clothes and seaside rock!

Though tired, there was a buzz of conversation on the journey back home as their different experiences were discussed.

Many thanks to the coach drivers, staff, volunteers and family members who all contributed to giving the clients an enjoyable and memorable day.